“Out Beyond Right and Wrong There Is a Field. I’ll meet you there.”  -Rumi

Family therapy is an effective way for members of the family to be heard in a safe and controlled environment, with the aid of a professional counselor and mediator.

Video-conferencing is a unique option for family therapy because clients are able to be in the same room or separate rooms, which may be helpful to talk through difficult topics. A variety of screens can be used in the household to make these options work.

I offer parent consultation, therapy with the entire family, or some combination of family/individual therapy depending on what is needed.

I employ a treatment called Structural Family Therapy (SFT) in conjunction with collaborative problem-solving to help families achieve their own successful outcomes. One of my greatest strengths is coaching parents and kids in effective communication.

Family systems are complex, so I offer support for a range of issues, such as:

  • Helping parents navigate talking to teens about sexuality, gender or peer conflict

  • Challenges to parental authority

  • Blended families

  • Managing estranged parents or spouses

  • LGBTQIA issues

  • Marital stress

  • Military deployment

  • Sibling conflict

  • General family relationship discord

  • Parental overwhelm due to child’s mental health crisis

  • How to help teens who are self-harming or expressing suicidal thoughts or behaviors

The best family therapist employs a strong interpersonal style to help bring conflicts to the surface, so that your family can begin to work through them in new and different ways. You can expect some pain as your family grows beyond its patterns of conflict. My goal is to utilize the content of the sessions so that members of your family can become more aware of these patterns and begin to make new choices that improve the family dynamic.


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